Digital marketing is one of the essential element for companies to boost their business and sales. Marvelconnect has many years of media experience and provides excellent digital marketing solutions. Our company has successfully helped international and local companies in their strategy planning of large-scale events and digital marketing.


Case study: Cloud Expo

The Cloud Expo and Data Centre World are two of the biggest international IT expos in Asia Pacific. In the past, Cloud Expo and Data Centre World mainly hosted events in UK and European cities, such as London and Frankfurt. About 4 years ago, it officially entered Asia market by hosting event in Singapore.



During the first time of the event, the organiser CloserStill Media (CSM) received notice 3 weeks before the opening of the exhibition by the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre that they needed to strengthen their security to facilitate government event. In order to make sure the expo runs smoothly, the organiser had to move the whole expo to Asia Expo in only 20 days, including reprinting all the materials and notifying all the exhibitors in 88 countries around the world.



Marvelconnect played an important role in this event by helping the organiser to update the event details across all the social media platforms, and using target promotion in Facebook and Linkedin. Apart from that, Marvelconnect also optimised the EDM using AI technology and ensured that every email was sent to the participants correctly. Meanwhile, Marvelconnect also used its media platform to report and promote the expo, made it a very successful event.

According to the data from BPA, the first 2 days of the exhibition had received 5,017 participants. The expo was joined by exhibitors from 88 countries and over 161 international famous IT experts. All the participants had come together to discuss the future IT trend and exchanged in-depth views in technology development.