Project Name: Digital Marketing Solutions

Project Period: 2 months

1 Content Marketing Services

-Provide advices on website technical setup to facilitate content marketing.

-Conduct digital market demand research (lead time: 1 month).

-Consultation on Google Analytics and Google Search Console and set up.

– Content strategy and content publishing planning.

– Project period 2 months

2 Webpage Management (4 pages)

– Diagnosis of problematic web pages.

– Provides consultation on how to improve the performance of your website and to make the website become a business generating channel.

– Provide website technical setup to facilitate content publishing.

– Website structure consultation.

– Website page optimization service (4 pages)

– Number of Edit: 1 time per month.

3 Facebook Management (6 posts)

– Content strategy and conceive.

– Article feeds per month (4 posts).

– Creative feeds per month (2 posts).

– Number of Edit: 1 time per feed.

4 Facebook Ads consultation and management (1 Groups)

– Ads management covering.

– Set up of Facebook Ads. (max. 1 ads graphic or video ads and max boost of post 1 time per month)

– Set up custom audience.

– Set up budget and ads schedule.

– Set up UTM tracking.

– Monitor ads performance and fine-tuning ads.

– Monitor Facebook customer behavior on website via Google Analytics.

5 Review and Reporting

– Consultation on Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

– Provide a face-to-face meeting

– Source of potential customers

– Content consumption overview

– Conversion rate analysis

– Diagnosis of problematic web pages

– Provides consultation on the improvement of website to meet the Client’s business goal.

–       The services fee does not include the online ads expenses.

–       1 months effective from the kickoff meeting date upon receipt of the 1st payment.

–       50% deposit is necessary for the first payment. The remaining balance will be charged after 30 days.

–       All payment is NON-REFUNDABLE.

–       Site contents to be provided by client in a word document format according to the expected layouts and arrangements including text, photos, company logos & graphics.

–       The service does not include the daily operation of online shop such as product information input, update, stock management, delivery management and so on. For informative website, we do not include answering inquiry and input of service information.

–       Client is responsible for the update product and service information on the website.

–       We only cover a) provide suggestion Client to enrich text and graphic content b) modify the text content in accordance with the content marketing rule and strategy c) fine tune SEO elements to improve the visibility of the content for the search engines