AI is going to be prevalent and it is already being adopted in many sectors of our daily life. Marvelconnect is one of the very few companies who provides AI system development in Hong Kong. Currently, many big corporations and public transportation infrastructure are deploying our AI technology.

Case study: Watch retailer with over 50 years of experience

Each tourbillon watch has a story behind, just like human souls, it not only provides accurate timing, but also serves as a precious collection piece. As a well-known brand in watches industry, the company pays attention to both sales and innovation. However, in the process of innovation, how to preserve the traditional spirit is both a question for the retailers and for the developers.

In order to preserve the tradition, Marvelconnect introduced a new AI technology. The display was developed by the assistance of AI technology and machine learning, and was able to identify the gender, age and facial expression of customers. The system created tailor-made scenarios to attract different types of customers.